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Monday, October 27, 2014

Usually,when Monday sets in, we feel a bit sad and stressed out.. But this should not be the case. We must feel happy that we are once blessed again to 
spend a new week full of chances to be an inspiration to others and to spread the the goodwill.

This is what always keeps me going.. That we should be always on the positive note. Yes,it's so hard! I know how it is, There are mornings that I feel sad for no apparent reason..
but I guess that's just how life is.. We are not always on our happy note! But still, we must get up and keep on going!

The look is on a laid back theme with a touch of a "pa girl" side. Tried out something new here, print on prints! It is sometimes tricky,but we have to  be experimental on our look sometimes. Playing around with prints and textures is not bad,but the tip is that you should see to it that your pieces belong on the same color scheme.
 Like this look here, Color pink dominates the whole ootd. So  what do you think?

Top and skirt is from RIPPLES. It so soft in material that is why is very ideal to wear! :) Pastels always makes us look younger. It is because of the refreshing approach it gives. 
That is why I love them! hahaha "pabata" effect!

top&skirt: ripples | bracelet: itsgorgeousgirls | sandals: cotton on | sunnies: quina ph

To enhance the girly dainty peg, wore this adorable layered bracelet from ITSGORGEOUSGIRLS.
The color is pink and it has details like pearls which gave the perspective of being gorg! Wearing this kind of accessories can always make your outfit a lovely one!
 A plain top added with a statement accessory gives an ensemble the fashion bomb!

Thank you again for dropping by my humble blog, Leaving you with this tonight love..

"Always dream big and make it real."

xx,mommy jaq

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