embracing reality

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reality is bitter sweet. The essence of it makes us wonder if what is the reason of our existence. For me, It's just plain and simple,life is about acceptance.
Embracing the bitter sweet moments of it is the challenge we must take.

As a single mom and in her mid 30's, I have come to embrace reality. Which is the inevitable. We will all grow old and get wise. But growing old with grace... 
To tell you honestly, at this stage of my life, I can say that I'm still not accomplished. My dream was to be a doctor. Yeah, It's a bit far from being a style blogger right? 
I wanted to be a psychiatrist that is why I took up  Psychology back in college. But hey,no regrets! I have learned so much from it, and now that I'm working in a world where people interaction is required, I guess being a Psychologist can be handy.

Moving on to our ootd, Wore this hmm girly and boho chic peg for a day out with my friends. We went to a local church near by to have my best buddy's new car blessed.
Anyhow, The white rompers from PINK BOUDOIR, is very classy and elegant,and since I'm visiting a church,covered up with the floral fringe kimono top from CY PITOGO.
I love this piece.. It can be paired with anything! shorts,jeans,rompers or a dress! So cool right?

Ofcourse,wore my fave London Rubi sandals from TWINSIES SHOP.
The trendy design gets so much attention everytime I wear them! It's just pure awesomeness!

Wore a classy charmed crystal necklace from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS
Which by the way says to be lucky! It's super adorable! :) My pots loves it too!

Back to life,back to reality.. It may sound not good,but I remember my professor, a psychiatrist told me that in order for us to avoid anxiety, we should stop over planning about the future. We must learn to let go and let God specially for the circumstances that we have no control. Relax and just enjoy what life has to bring...
It will eventually come around at the right places at the right time.

rompers: pink boudior | kimono: cy pitogo | necklace: pretty little blings | sandals: twinsies shop

"What matters is how we face and embrace each and everyday with a pure heart."

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. Super duper love your romper Mommy Jaq! And I loved reading your thoughts about embracing reality. It's sad but true. Acceptance is the key. :)