Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last night, my post was all about the sweater weather. And yes, tonight, we will feature one of the looks donning it.
This season, the sweater piece is a must have. It will keep us cozy on those cold holiday nights..

For this one, I wore this knitted sweater or so called pullovers. That day was a cold and breezy one because of the storm. It was perfect because it kept me cozy and yet trendy. 
This piece of amazing clothing is from STYLE STUNNER MANILA. They have different colors and designs to choose from that will surely make your heart fall in love with it.

For my accessories, incorporated the pieces with the same color hues. Which is color white! The necklace is from FASHION SPICE MANILA, which has details that will catch your attention. It was paired with a plain top so it can definitely stand out! 

The bag and sandals are both color white- a classic color which never fails to impress me. I love this color so much because it encourages peace and serenity to my soul.. 
How about you? What's your favorite color? The bag is courtesy of MAXENES CLOSET, it's sturdy,stylish and spacious as well. For the sandals, it's from  A GIRL'S HAVEN
This is one of my fave! It's so into the fashion bandwagon which is the mandals trend! Plus the fact that is oh so comfy! I can't stop wearing them! :)))

Speaking of sandals, I have two major things to consider when it comes to choosing one. This is comfort and style. These characteristics of a good footwear must always be present in each pair we buy.. So how do we know that? Actually for style, It's just the matter of how the footwear looks like. So it's just easy to go ahead and choose the fab one! 
For comfort, this is where the trick sets in.. In buying shoes, we must consider the material and the quality. This will play an important role in aiming for comfort.. 
By the way have you already checked out ZALORA for the latest trends and 
best brands for women's sandals? Go ahead and swing by their site and be up to the beat when it comes to trend and fashion!

Such a darling bag from MAXENE'S CLOSET.. It's so adorable!

Did I already mentioned the "bomb" of this ootd? haha! Yep! it's the high slit stripes skirt from 
PINK BOUDIOR. I love how the stripes are vertical that gave the illusion of being slim and tall.. What do you think? The fabric is also in high quality. 
That is why you don't have to worry about the undergarments showing. You get what I mean? hihi wink* 

Leaving  this post with a phrase to reflect.. :)

"Life is a continuous struggle,people may bring you down,but nevertheless, we have to fight for what we believe in."

xx,mommy jaq

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