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Monday, September 22, 2014

Every morning,when I open my eyes, I always look forward for a new and bright day.
Yesterday's sorrow are to be left behind and let tomorrow be a sunshine.

Last 2 days ago, found out that a close friend had delivered a baby boy,but unfortunately,the baby died after 2 weeks in the incubator.. It's a tragedy, but I learned from it. 
Sometimes, we need to face and encounter bad things so we can incur lessons.

The baby had Edward syndrome that is why it is also unfortunate if he will survive. Abnormalities are very dominant, 
atleast he won't live a hard life just in case he survived the mishap.

top: the sweet cloth | skirt: rosewholesale | necklace: fashion spice manila | bag: maxenes closet | sandals: shoezette

My ootd for this day is a compostion of comfort and style. The top is courtesy of THE SWEET CLOTH. I love the print which is pineapples. 
The skirt made the top more dainty and lovely.

Accessorized with a statement necklace from FASHION SPICE MANILA. The pearls and diamonds is pure classic and elegance I must say!
 It complimented the bag from MAXENES CLOSET which is studded and posh!

Lexy sandals from SHOEZETTE is always a darling of an ootd. It's super fab and comfortable. I can wear this pair for the whole day without the worry of feet aches! 

Back to my realization about life, for me, It's short, we must make the best out of each and every day we have. This is just borrowed from the almighty, we should always be thankful for the gift of life. Love one another and show it. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.. This is the key for a fruitful and happy life!

"When hope is gone,,, I'll be your cloud up in the sky..."

xx,mommy jaq

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