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Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's peculiar that some of us are still not familiar about what blogging or being a blogger truly means.
For this post of mine, I will try to explain what a blogger is,for at least on my own point of view.

On my perspective,being a blogger is expressing oneself. Putting every detail about how you feel,how you react to random things,expressing your opinions and somehow,
wanted to share to the web world who you really are. A blogger doesn't have to be rich,pretty,wise and everything nice. It's about how you truly love your craft.

For my passion,it's fashion. And I humbly claim that we the good blessings of our Lord, I'm blessed that I have sponsors that appreciate and trust my creativity and passion for creating ensembles that somehow inspire people that no matter what status we have in life, Whether we don't have prada,louis vitton and all that signature pieces,we can still put up an amazing ootd. Whether we are skinny,  slim, plump or chubby, we can still pull it off! And whether we are already a mom, still single and young, we can still nail those bomb ootds!  

top; hershoppe ph | dungarees: pink boudoir | sneakers: the sm store | sunnies: forever 21

Being a blogger is not about fame and glam, having so many followers on your blog,twitter, or instagram and all social media platforms. 
It's not about being pretty and all dolled up every time.
It's not about the perks and loots you get from the events, and having so many event invitations.
Being a true blood blogger is about craft and creativity. It's not easy being one, it takes a lot of patience, hard work,taking your ootds under the sun, then spending sleepless nights editing photos and encoding them,  And mainly, dedication to your passion in writing. For me, I write about what I think, what I feel, my ideas and such. I express myself through fashion and writing. And if ever someone out there gets to be inspired, It's a big bonus for me, And I'm thankful for that.

It's just sad but true that sometimes,we misunderstand what blogging means. I write this down today for everyone to take a moment and see what I do as a blogger.
I love my craft, I love what I'm doing and I give my 100% about it. And that is what all that matters to me.

Please don't get me wrong, This is just a mind opening post so that we can get to have a deeper knowledge about what I do as a blogger.

I know this is beginning to sound serious, but hey I am.. I am serious on what I'm doing and this is no joke.. I have put up a toll of efforts for my blog. So in that manner,I just want people to understand me more.. I know some of you can feel me not just bloggers, we are just humans right? We have failures,we work hard, and we know that hard work soon pays off.

On a lighter note, wrote an ootd courtesy of HERSHOPPE PH and PINK BOUDOIR...
The look is a laid back young vibrant themed ootd. Wore floral detailed top paired with dungarees that can be sported in shorts as well.
Gave the look the accent with sunnies that has sunflower details that complimented the top. I find this look gleeful and young!

To end this post of mine, I would like to leave a personal statement to ponder..

"Live the life you want, as long as you don't step on other's welfare,just go and follow your dreams."

xx,mommy jaq

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