Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's weekend once again and I'm stucked here at my bed with my only companion,my laptop.
I'm still not totally fine due to my allergies last time..

My last post was all about that,so now, let us talk about something different!
How about some mommy sentiments? hihi,yup! I do have that..lately my baby Pauline has been attending debuts and parties.
It's all new to me coz I really can't believe she is already a grown up lady! haha I'm a bit on a denial state, how I wish she is still 4 years old and still a baby.

But on the other side of the coin, I'm very thankful that she grew up to be fine young lady. She is God fearing,she has respect to others and most of all, she is trustworthy.
I'm proud of how she have become as a young adult.

For the look, Wore a floral top from VANITYCHICKSHOP. It has low back details which is very pretty! My bottoms is from CAMAEIU. It is the newest trend,the boyfriend shorts..
The cut is a bit longer than those that are hot picks during the summer season.

top: vanitychickshop | shorts: camaeiu | watch sophieparis | sandals: cotton on

Took these shots at the mall during work.. Yup,my work is basically doing some shopping for my dear clients.
I personal shop for them and give them styling stints as well.

My daughter has a whole new different path when it comes to career. She wants to be a teacher someday.. A fashionista teacher? why not? haha :)

My life right now is centered to her.. Her welfare, her future and all,that is just but normal when you are a single mom right?
and of course, God.he is the center of my everyday life existence.

My life is not perfect, but I know that I'm blessed as much as you are. So go ahead and follow your dreams! I know with hard work, we can do this! Just have faith.

"Dreams do come true, so don't get tired of it.."

xx,mommy jaq

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