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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feels so gleeful when you see ootds like this! So full of colors! It's been a while since I sported something like this. 
I was afraid that I might look like a christmas tree full of colors and entrics. But hey, I think it worked! :)

Florals can never be out of the fashion trend. Like blacks and whites. It's an all time trend that hits the fashion bandwagon. 
For today's ootd,wore this hi waist culottes from LITTLE NOOK. The color is purple and it feels so light when you wear it! It's garterized 
at the back that ensures the fit of the garment.

Oohh this pair of earrings are so pretty! VANITY CHICKSHOP offers a lot of accessories like this plus stylish clothes that you will definitely love!

This jelly bag  from AIOLINESHOP is beginning to be one of my fave. The color is vibrant and its water proof! 
Haha perfect for the rainy season we have!

top: forever 21 | culottes: little nook | sandals: vaintage shoppe | earrings: vanitychickshop | bag: ai online

Wore an ideal and perfect sandals for this ootd. This is courtesy of VAINTAGE SHOPPE
It has detachable straps that you can sport different kinds of styles, which I will be showing you on my next posts.. :) So excited about it, believe me, it's going to be awesome! 

And so this is how we end this post.. Say this in your mind for good vibes haha
 "I'm strong, I can do this, I will not give up, I will fight. "

xx,mommy jaq

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