plump munchkin

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy weekend everyone! How are you doing?

For my blogpost today, got to share something with you...Last night, I had a few drinks with my friends. Then boom! I must admit, I'm really getting old,gaddd!
got drunk so fast! haha kakahiya mode! Coz I remember, back when I was young, I can consume a whole lot of alcohol, but now, wwaaahh 2 bottles is I guess enough! teehhee!

dress: aionline | bag: flipped out cockatoos | mandals: birkenstock | necklace: kikay matters

For the look, this is worn or inspired by nature hues. Beige, brown,green and white!
Mesh dress from AIONLINE spells sophistaction and class. I love it! Gave it a spice by wearing a necklace from KIKAY MATTERS. I'm so fond of statement accessories!

Lovely bag from FLIPPED OUT COCKATOOS. This piece is so adorbs!
The color is so vibrant and dainty.

By the way, I entitled this post "plump munchkin"  because I can feel that I'm gaining weight.
haha plump! When you reach the age of 30's your metabolism slows down and It's so hard to maintain diet and exercise. arrgghh ;) Goodluck to me!

" Fashion comes in many sizes, either your slim, plump or chubby, 
It's not the body but the way you flaunt it!"

xx,mommy jaq

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