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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yesterday, saw a post from a co blogger of mine pertaining to "competition".
This is a strong word. Competition sometimes can be good if we are challenged to do better.
 But if it consumes us,well this is a whole lot of a different story.

There is a saying that when a tree is full of fruits and blooms, it is plowed and pulled down. 
This is sad but true, some people are not happy for the success of others. Rather, they pull each other down in order to attain success.

top: forever 21 | vest: cruella co. | jeans: vetus shop | loafers: sky castle | necklace: aldo | specs: sissy shoppe

The ootd is a composition of an edgy and posh themes. The boyfriend vest from CRUELLA CO. is the highlight of the look. 
It smartened the ensemble with its chic details. Paired it with a pair of boyfriend jeans from VETUS SHOP added the edginess we are also nailing at. Combined together, created a perfect fashion forwarded ootd!

In order to achieve the posh note, wore the specs from SISSY SHOPPE, which is by the way very light and fetch! And of course, we can never go wrong with a pair of comfortable shoezies! The red baby is courtesy of SKY CASTLE CO. It's patented and the design is so stylish! Oh did I mention that they offer this kind of high quality shoes at a very affordable price? yes! They are! Check them out HERE for more details.

Getting back to what we are talking about, so what can I say to those kind of people? Oh well I guess as long as I'm not doing anything wrong to them, 
I will just continue what I'm doing. And besides, I'm happy and that's all that matters.

"Worrying about the future can constrict your heart, feel free and savor the time of uncertainty."

xx,mommy jaq

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