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Friday, September 5, 2014

Everyday and every morning, I pray to the Lord for thanksgiving that he gave me a new life to be enjoyed.
For the past years of my existence, I have realized that I learned many things and discovered.
I have met a lot of people that influenced and molded me for who I am right now.


One thing for sure that things are unpredictable. People may come and go. We have relationships that sometimes have no closure and we tend to move forward.
This may seem not good but acceptance is also a main thing for us to move on.

Heading over to the ootd, Wore the zion top from CERTAIN THINGS PH. They designed it in the house and I must say that I'm impressed on how they are creative in fashion and styling.
Paired it with a boyfriend shorts from CAMAEIU PH. Which is also an upcoming fashion trend. Completed the whole posh and chic ensemble.

The watch from SOPHIE PARIS PH is a versatile piece. It can be sported into many diff styles because of it's interchangeable straps! 3 watches in one! So cool right?!

top:certainthings ph | shorts: camaeiu | hat: forever 21 | mandals: the SM store | watch: sophie paris

Moving on to our chitchat, I dunno, It's just that many things come top my mind lately and one of it is how we pay respect to other people. Respect is earned, therefore in order for us to have that, we should give them first to others... Just a thought to be pondered.. Ending this blogpost of mine, I would like to thank you again for spending time reading my posts.
I truly appreciate it. :) Till next!
xx,mommy jaq

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