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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Like I always say when it's a start of a new week.. We should always stay positive and feel a happy vibes and carry it through the upcoming days :)

Yesterday,when I was attending mass,an old man caught my attention. He was kneeling down without the knee rest or pads on the floor. He just knelt down straight to the cement. 
Then I came to realize that I was standing while having the communion ceremonies. I was ashamed of myself coz definitely, I can afford to kneel down in comparison to the old man. 
He looks weak and sick and still he managed to kneel and pray... This was a strong realization  for my spirit.I even took a photo of him coz I wanted to share my sentiments about it.

But then again,no photo can lead to my awakening-that we should always be humble,be patient, and be meek. Love one another and you will be harvesting love and respect as well.

top: zara | skirt: simones closet | choker: pink outside the box | hat:cotton on | faith shoes: shoezetteph

On another note, my look is bohemian inspired ensemble that is set for the photoshoot for the latest collection of SIMONE,S CLOSET
I wore the skirt which is featured on their gypsy collection. You can go ahead and check them out for more of their trendy boho chic looks!

The faith darlings from SHOEZETTE PH made the whole ootd interesting because of the color black and gold. The style of the shoes is posh and chic. 
I just love the versatile creation of this pair. It can be sported to any types of ootd themes! and oh did I mention that it's very comfortable? yes! it is!

Accessorized with a choker necklace from PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX made my neck look a bit slimmer. That is one tip, when you wear tube tops like this one, 
opt to donn a necklace that can accentuate your shoulders and neck. Like this necklace has achieved. :)

I'm happy I saw the old man in the church.. Values came into me and I will also share it to people around me specially to my daughter.. 
And that is we should always be thankful for what we have. Blessing comes in different forms. Appreciation is the beauty of it.

"Spread the love and show it..Smile and let it be a contagious one."

xx,mommy jaq

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