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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You know what? I really want to go on a long vacation.. The feel of the breeze on your face, the sun touching your skin while your feet is soaked in wet sands..
Hmmm I love to go back to paradise..

I believe that this is very helpful for renewing our spirit and to lighten up everything..
I want to get out of the country and do some "me time" how about you?

Just want to share the ootd I wore, this is I must say a super comfy one! Top is from TECHNOKIKAYSTORE which is so adorbs!
Partnered with crochet shorts from PEACHY ONLINESHOP. It's equally gorgeous!

Accessories and footwear are the keys for any ootd. It's either can make or break it! 
Make sure you sport it at a minimum and with style.
For this one, donned the mandals from VAINTAGE PH and bag from MAXENES CLOSET which both gave the look the variety and interest. :)

I'm having fun with this look, I'm planning to wear it again for an out of town escapade!

So, I'll just make balita you guys if I can push through with my "me time" I wanted to do for quite sometime now..
hihi I hope I can do it! Till next my loves!

xx,mommy jaq

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