when in doubt

Saturday, August 9, 2014

You can never go wrong in black! So when in doubt, wear it!

Not only that is makes us look slimmer, but it also gives the classy and elegant impression.

The gorgeous dress is from WITH LOVE CLOTHING. the back details is the catch of the piece!
 The fabric is also in high quality which I must say gave the elegance. 

Paired it up with a classy animal print shoezies from SHOEZETTE PH. The gold and black details matched the necklace from SHANA PH which made it more interesting. The shoes are oh so comfy too! I like how it holds my feet into the right place! I have tried some shoes,and you always see to it that your feet is on a comfy zone,but ended up being a failure? But this one,no worries at all,comfort and style bound into one.

dress: with love clothing | shoes: shoezetteph | necklace: shana

Wore this looky for an afternoon tea party with some of my close friends. For me,it was the perfect ootd, 
how about you? what do you think?

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Thank you again for visiting my humble blog! toodles!

"The more we worry,the older we get,so why do that? Live each day at a time. Chill and be glee!"

xx,mommy jaq

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