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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some people tend to step on others just to attain what they want. Competition is very tough now a days and as I take a look on it, 
It's very obvious that I'm also affected by it.

People change abruptly when greediness steps in. The desire for fame and fortune is rampant. But somehow, we don't see that it corrupts our body and soul. It's a deadly sin to be committed and once we got hooked, we are at the rock bottom.

Recently experienced this. I had a few relationships that was destroyed because of envy and greed. I'm saddened with this corruption but I also pity the people that have pained me. I just always pray for them.

We can't control the actions and emotions of other people. What we can do is to pray for them and just take the circumstances lightly.
 Lessons learned, and good deeds always prevail.

top: with love clothing | skirt: pink boudior | sneakers: cotton on

On a lighter note, this ensemble is what I can call the "color blocking" look. Incorporated different kinds of colors that somehow on a same theme. 
Mustard and blue is cool to the eyes. What do you think? The bustier top is from WITH LOVE CLOTHING. The material is high quality and stretchy so it fits just right specially in the bust area. It emphasizes it giving it a voluptuous look. 

The pretty skirt is also the highlight of the ootd. It's mesh at the bottom part which I have mentioned on my previous posts that it's getting a haul on the fashion trend now. This is from PINK BOUDIOR. The flow of this piece is classy. It can be sported for a formal wear 
or like what I did in this outfitey, showed a sporty chic look.

As for what I'm saying, people may judge you, crush you, and despise you. But against all odds,you yourself are the only soul that knows thy thee. 
Don't let it consume you, or better yet, make it as a motivation and inspiration to do the best of what you can be.

xx,mommy jaq

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