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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Entitled this blogpost "something new" For the reason that this look is some kind of a " new theme"

For me, shift dresses like this when donn commonly, you will pair it with ballet flats or heels. But I wanted yo achieve something new for this ootd. 
Sported this awesome rubi sandals from TWINSIES SHOP. It's so adorable an comfy rolled into one! It's so versatile, I can imagine a whole lot of ootds to pair it with! The shoes, like what I always say, can make or break an outfit. For this ootd, it's a combination of an edgy and girly look! 
And I must say that I love it!

Accessorized with a choker necklace from PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX added the edginess we are aiming for! 
And oh by the way, it is available in so many designs that you will surely adore!

dress: dcshoppe | bag: topshop | hat: cotton on | rubi sandals: twinsies shop | necklace: pink outside the box

The shift dress from DCSHOPPE is so dainty and girly which I love! It has it's floral details which showed the girly side of the ensemble. 
However, we wanted to combine it with some edginess to the ootd, So accessorized and paired it with a pair of shoes and a hat that completed the whole look! What do you think?

Wearing this kind of ootd is so comfortable I can donn it the whole day without worrying that my "mommy tummy" will bulge out! nyahaha! 
For mommies out there,can you feel me? hihi

Once again, thank you soo muchy for swinging by my humble blog, for any comments and suggestions for outfiteys or topics you want to be tackled,
 just comment down below love!

"Style is not about the brand, It's how you carry it."

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. Really cute outfit! :) I adore your shoes so much! :D And though I don't have a mommy tummy, I do have a coke belly so I feel ya! Lol! :D