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Monday, August 11, 2014

Life is short. We will never know when it will end. This is inevitable that sometimes people don't realize it.

Recently,found out that one of my favorite actor Mr. Robin Williams apparently committed suicide. This is a tragedy for his friends and loved ones. 
He was battling with alcoholism and severe depression...Now the question is why a man so prominent and successful will take his own life? 
This is an endless argument that all of us will be left baffled.  Regardless of the true reason behind this, the only thing that we can take hold upon is to value life. Show your love to the people around you and be an inspiration. Count your numerous blessings and don't linger on misery. 
Life is precious and beautiful, and for me, this is the inevitable truth.

top: sissy shoppe | origami skorts: ilovenclothing | shoes: zara

On a lighter note, my ootd is composed of a classy yet laid back look. The top is courtesy of 
SISSY SHOPPE. There are many colors and styles to choose from that I'm sure you will also love! The penny coins details is what attracted me most.  Paired it up with a metallic silver origami skorts from ILOVENCLOTHING, perfected and complimented the pieces. I love how it made the ensemble prodigious.

Once again,thank you for taking time hopping in to my humble blog. 

"Life is precious,make every minute,every second count"

xx,mommy jaq

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