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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi! this post is one that reminds me of the sunshine. Which practically doesn't show nowadays, what a sad thing.
Though, the good thing is that we are not so tired coz of the humid and hot weather.

For this look, wore a floral pants from KISHNKISH. I love how it fits just right in the hips area. The floral details claims sunshine and nature too! 

The every comfy and stylish shoes from TRES PH are such darlings. It's so fab and chic as well. I can wear this pair the whole day! 
Style and comfort are the fundamental traits a pair of shoes must have, and this one totally nailed it! :)

Look how fashionable this accessory is! It's so gorg! Oh by the way guys, pieces from PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX are crafted with uniqueness and style. 
Plus, the materials they use does not fade. So awesome!

top: ilovenclothing | accessory: pink outside the box | sunnies: sissy shoppe | shoes: tresph | pants: kishnkish

The heart sunnies from SISSY SHOPPE matched the floral pants. I love the color of this eyewear. It's so cute and very convenient for sunny days like this. 
I hope I can get to wear them again soon! teehee! :)

I'm wearing a top here that is so into the fad! This is the low back top courtesy of ILOVENCLOTHING.
It is also available in many colors that you will surely love! The fabric is breezy and stretchy, it's ideal for all sizes and shapes!

They say that sunshine and nature is good for our health. Vit E can enhance glow and radiance in our skin,that is why I love the sun! 
I do hope I can feel it soon! :)

"But I know, after the rain, the sun and the rainbow will see us through"

xx,mommy jaq

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