one leap

Friday, August 15, 2014

It just takes one big leap towards your dreams. Many of us don't realize the circumstances that sway in our way are
merely steps or ways that  mold us in becoming who we want to be.

Failures may seem  to be so negative and repulse. But when we take a deeper point of view on it, you will then realize that It makes us strong. 
In that way, we can do things that we can't before. Undergoing them makes us learn new things and avoid the same mistakes.

top: the lush closet | leatherette shorts: ripples | choker necklace: pink outside the box | mandals: sewn

For the outfit of the day, wore this pair for a day of mommy duties. I had to go to the grocery and meet my daughter at her school to finish up some requirements. Good thing that UP has no outfit restrictions! Woot! haha I can wear slippers and shorts! 

I love the print of the top. I guess by now, you know how much I'm into fruity patterns. It just suggests a lot of good vibes and it feels so light and happy when I wear prints like this! :) This is courtesy of THE LUSH CLOSET. There is one word I can describe this top.-adorable! I paired it up with a leatherette shorts from RIPPLES to add some variety and interest in the ensemble. Don't forget that playing around with your ootds is fun but always be careful,
you don't want to mess it all up by barging in everything. The accessory was kept simple and neat. The choker necklace from PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX , it is the perf one for this ootd. And by the way, this trend is getting hot now a days!

Thanks again for dropping by! Have a happy weekend you guys! Take care!

"Happiness is always a choice."

xx,mommy jaq

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