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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting inspired with a cow girl ensemble. Well actually it's more of a casual chic with a twist. 
Today was a frantic day. I was on a verge of considering quitting on something. 
For years I have waited for results to come but then again, patience is a virtue.

I have been battling through a some kind of melancholic sadness lately,and for the first time I reveal on my blog on how I'm coping up. Of course,
it's because of several reasons why I was not that open with my personal life.. But now, I'm brave enough to tell you guys what I'm undergoing.
It sounded like It's very serious right? But hmm yeah, I guess. Like many of us, we do encounter big problems, but I know that they are not greater than us.
We must always conquer it because at the end of the day, we and only us decide which path are we going to lead.

What inspires me to go on with life is the countless blessing I receive each and everyday. From the moment I wake up, my family,
friends and just by merely surviving each day with food and shelter is a great blessing.
With my strong will and motivation I hope some of you that are undergoing the same thing like mine can get to be inspired.
Some people may be greater than us but that doesn't mean that we are less of a person.

top: pink boudoir | shorts: ilovenclothing | ollie shoes: shoezetteph | hat: cotton on

On a another note, my ootd today is like what I said a combination of classy and lay back chic look. The mesh top is from PINK BOUDOIR.
Mesh details is really hot this season,this one is also a darling, from the material,the color and the quality. For my bottoms, shorts from ILOVENCLOTHING is very interesting. The scallop details and prints is appealing to a fashion eye. It blended the ensemble we are aiming for.
As for my shoezies, Ollie sandals from SHOEZETTE PH is very stylish and comfortable! Honestly, their collection is very impressive. Its unique in style and its also made in high quality. Their releases of their styles and designs will really make you want for more. Style + comfort = shoedzire

I know I always rant about things I couldn't change. But I just can't help it, this is the way I release my stress and how I cope up.. How about you?
do you manage to handle your problems? Honestly, I admire people who are very cool and open minded when it comes to handling difficult circumstances in life.  I wish I can be like that too! :) Anyhow, enough said about my emo mode. I know that this too shall pass,and with the Lord's grace,I can and we will overcome this.

"Be an inspiration to others,make it yours too."

xx,mommy jaq

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