it is time

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And now are starting all over again... Feels like I have risen from a midst of a gloomy and sad phase. Last week, The weather was a rainy and gloomy one.
I know It's a bit odd to be affected by it,but somehow,rainy days makes me down..

So now,I'm gleeful to have the sun touch my skin! I just miss it! The warmth of it, the feels,and everything! It feels good to see the sunlight shine again! 

top: foxycherryshop | shorts: forever 21 | bag: shop4seasons | mandals: sewn sandals | bracelet: monogramsmnl

Like what I have mentioned on my previous posts, this bag from SHOP4SEASONS is so versatile! It can be sported in many ways!
And this time,it is styled for a classy chic peg!

For our ensemble for today,  I wore this sexy back sheer top from FOXYCHERRY SHOP. It's elegant and casual at the same time. You can always opt to pair it with a pair of jeans,leggings or skirt for a whole new ootd! The crochet details of it also made it super pretty! 

The charm monogram bracelets from MONOGRAMS MNL is very beautiful. How it shines is very impressive. The stones and how it is made is in very high quality. The good thing about purchasing one of them is you can get to help spread the word of prayer. To know more about it,click HERE.

Wore a very comfortable,trendy theme. This is because I had to many things to do today and I know that these pieces are all the reliable ones
when it comes to comfort and style.

How about you? How is your day so far? I hope all is well! Just chill and be glad! Because not everyday we can get to feel the warmth of the sun! :)

"Love thy self before you love anybody else."

xx,mommy jaq


  1. Rainy days are awesome days still when you get to spend it with family and friends, or a cup of coffee. ❤❤

    Oh, and I have the same top! I like to pair it with a HW shorts/pants, best to cover the mommy tummy.

    Lots of love! xoxo

  2. Hi kristina! wow,that is so fab! :) this top is just so gorg right? :) stay pretty dear!