grease lightnin'

Friday, August 8, 2014

It feels grease lightinin'! Do you remember that movie back in the 80's where they wore full circle skirts paired with sneakers? 
Well,this was my inspiration for creating this kind of ootd!

Back in the 80's? waahh My age really shows na! Anyhoo,  I love how this look turned out! It's a preppy chic with style! 
The lovely dress is courtesy of SASHAZFASHIONCLOSET. The halter details showed my shoulders which by the way, I know it's not that so nice teehhee! but,with this dress,it made it look great! Don't you think? I'm impressed on how this dress can be sported in many ways, it comes along with a detachable belt that you can opt to remove and voala! A whole new dress it is! 

dress: sashazfashioncloset | headband: forever 21 | sneakers: cotton on

It's good to wear this kind of pegs from time to time. It brings out the youth in you! 
Plus the fact that it is so comfortable and the print is vibrant! 

Just a tip,don't be afraid on experimenting on your ootds! You can wear sneakers over a dress! 
Yep! Having fun with mix matching pieces is both challenge and pleasure!

And so that's it for my "lakas makaabagets" outfit for today! I hope you liked it!

xx,mommy jaq

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