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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fly with me to the paradise! I want to break free and feel free! I feel caged for some reason and this shoot made me feel like a bird flying free up in the sky!

Up up here we go go, haha It just feel so right and light when you do things that you really love.
The fact of life that we cannot get everything what we want is univetable. We can't please everybody,and sometimes even ourselves, we can't appreciate what we have and still we want some more.

top: zara | shorts & boots: forever 21 | necklace & cape: simones closet | choker necklace: potb | hat: cotton on

This shoot was taken for the "gypsie collection" for a good friend of mine SIMONES CLOSET. Taking shots like this can be tiring but it was fun
 specially when you can get to spend it with your friends.Me and Pauline had a great time while doing this photoshoot. Thank you girl for having us!

Lately I have been posting about people that we can or not trust, I have only one realization. We can't trust anybody but ourselves and the Lord. 
These are the 2 permanent beings that will never hurt us.

"Aim high,look high. Don't give up."

xx,mommy jaq

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