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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hello! It's the start of the week again! Ber months is already in the air! Meaning? Holidays is upcoming and the anniversary of my blog is also near!
My baby STYLEDOM turns 2 this Sept 28! Isn't that exciting?!

For the past 2 years had passed, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to all those who took part in making STYLEDOM possible. 
From my web designer, KEN MANALAD, My photographer, JORDAN GO. The sponsors who are very generous and kind to trust me and my blog for their product features. My family, friends and ofcourse, you! my dear and sweet reader who always take time reading my blog. Sometimes I know it's full of blah blah non sense and all,but I know that this is the essence of a genuine blog. You say what you want to say, express your feelings and just be who you are.

top: foxycherryshop | skirt: zara | bag: topshop | sneakers: payless shoesource | necklace: forever 21

As for the oh-oh-tee-dee for today, wore this at the mall,haha as you can see my dramatic background is a parking lot! How epic and classic! nyahaha 
But you know how it is, for a fashion blogger, taking photos can strike anywhere and anytime! Anyways, my top is courtesy of FOXY CHERRY SHOP
It's very comfortable and the color is mint! The cute prints are flamingo which for me matched my necklace which are elephants,
yeah know, haha animals on animals?! "lakas maka zoo lang!" ahihi :)

And so this is how I end my blogpost for today. I'm excited to celebrate my 2nd year as a blogger for STYLEDOM. In by any chance, I'm still working on how to improve it. For the coming years, more of the improved and better STYLEDOM you will see. Cheers to us! :)

"Be delightful for many blessings are yet to come."

xx,mommy jaq

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