Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How have been up to guys? The weather is really on a bit of a gloomy one. Honestly speaking, I don't really like the weather when it is like this.
I feel sad and alone. haha drama mode? But kidding aside, the cold weather makes me feel grumpy teehheee! Good thing the sun is coming out already!

I wore this look for an event. It was a casual and laid back ootd for an afternoon occasion. But to add a statement, wore heels. Remember that your footwear can make or break an ootd. When you want to nail an impact,heels and heels is the key to it! But then ofcourse,when we want to achieve comfort, we can always opt to wear sandals or flats. :) For this post,this is my style coaching portion.. It is how to pair shoes on different kinds of ootds.

top: carenzela couture | skirt: forever 21 | heels: zara | bag: mango | bracelet: forever 21

As I was saying, your footwear is the center of the ootd usually. So,you have to be careful on how you wear it. Tip no.1 is you must aim for comfort.
Heels can look like thorns torturing your feet,but the way to avoid that is to choose the right pair. Wedges or chunky heels can be the best option.
Tip no.2, consider the colors that will match your whole ensemble. For example, you are wearing all white with a minimalist approach, you can wear shoes that is in bold colors like hot pink and red. This will make the ootd fabulously alive! Tip no.3 is to know how to pair it on the same theme. If you are going girly, ballet flats,sandals are such darlings! And if you are going edgy or classy, black stilettos,boots and heels are perf!
 By the way,If I may add, this post about shoes is requested upon by my sweet reader Avriele. Thank you so much love for giving me suggestions on what you want to be read and capture on my blog...If any of you guys have comments,suggestions and reactions, just feel free to comment below or you can email me at I will be glad to hear from you! :)

On the other note, sported this pretty mesh top from CARENZELA COUTURE. It fits just right in my body frame that is why I'm so loving it!
The fabric is also high in quality I must say. This is available in several colors. Follow them on instagram HERE and discover a horizon of trendy and best buys!

And for the shoes,donned something that is on the same color scheme. Nude and black. The shoes as you can see doesn't require a lot of balancing coz of its sturdy heels. So comfort and style are both achieved,don't you think? 

Let me end this blogpost of mine by living you just one important tip when it comes to shoes and fashion.
Be confident. that is the key and always will be. Don't be afraid to experiment on mix matching your pieces in your closet. And besides,that is the fun part of dressing up doll! So just have fun doing your ootds and be bold to express yourself through fashion! Because fashion has no limits!

"Freedom and style is the tandem I always put in heart,I hope yours too!"

xx,mommy jaq