Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jeans I must say are the comfiest piece you can ever wear. And this time, wearing a tattered boyfriend jeans for this outfitey.
And I'm so glad that this came into the trend because it super comfortable and stylish!

What jeans am I referring to? This is courtesy of VETUS SHOP. Look how it looks comfy and at the same time,fashionable.
It's high waist,but you can sport it as a mid rise fit,it looks equally fab actually. The tattered details is also the main attraction of the piece,it's so gorg!

The versatile bag is from SHOP4SEASONS. On my previous post, I had sported it as a "on the go" bag which is so nice! Then this time, it's transformed as a bag that can be donned for classy ootds and its so pretty as well. Actually,this piece can be sported into 4 bags! Will be showing them on my future posts.
 It's just so cool!  Thanks so much love for this!

Aiming for a comfy and stylish peg for this look. The jeans is paired with a low back top from GLITZYGLAMSHOP. They blended just perfectly!
The details of it complimented the ruggedness of the jeans then to the simplicity of the top! Plus it's color white.
 It nailed the minimalist theme we are aiming for!

top: glitzyglamshop | jeans: vetus shop | bracelet: forever 21 | bag: shop4seasons | heels: zara | necklace: sm accessories

To give art and drama to the look, added the touch of red on it! The shoes and the necklace nailed that!

"Get up,dress up and do what you can do. Make your day as if  it is your last!"

xx,mommy jaq

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