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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When I woke up today, felt like that my world is twirling around. I had so many things to do but my energy was low. I don't understand why sometimes I feel this way, but the only fact that I always put in mind is to thank the Lord for each and everyday, we still wake up and feel the beauty of life.

top: shop little nook | mesh skirt: ripples | necklace: dcg fashion | heels: zara

On this ootd,wore this black classy ensemble. The details of the gorg necklace from DCG FASHION made it stand out. 
That is the secret or tip I guess when it comes to donning monochrome looks, flash it up with a prodigious accessory 
like this necklace and your'e fabulously good to go!

Mesh detailed pieces are so into the trend. The skirt is from RIPPLES and the material is nice as well. They are catering it in different colors to choose from! The good news is that it is also in super affordy prices! Great buys and best finds!

Low back top from SHOP LITTLE NOOK is also a darling of this ootd. A trend that is hitting the fashion band wagon as well. This is also available in different colors! The fabric is stretch and it fits right into the body,in that manner, it will flatter your curves! Now,that's more like it right?! teehee!

I'm having a fun time during this shoot. I can always play with this lovely skirt! Swish swoosh! :)
Once again,thank you for visiting!!

"Smile though your heart is aching. Life is beautiful,and so are you!"

xx,mommy jaq

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