a three day renewal detox experience

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Have you ever heard of the renewal 3 day cleanse program? Well,if you are health conscious and want to give your body energized with nutrition and at the same time,detox. This is the best for you!

First of all,why Mason jars? Well there are several reasons why these jars are just the perfect containers! It's BPA free, its microwave and dishwasher safe, its seals right the contents into freshness and its very durable! One time, I accidentally dropped one and surprisingly, I didn't break, it's so awesome! :) 
Oh yes,did I mention that it's adorable? 

As for the 3 day cleanse renewal programme I had, this was composed of a three day cleanse package that is perfect for first timers
 like me to experience the wonders of juicing. This cleanse includes:

9 salads and/or overnight oats
9 cold pressed juices
6 organic teas
cleanse guide


18 cold pressed juices
6 organic teas
cleanse guide

All of these can be availed for php 4500 only!

They  also offer ala carte of php 1000 for salads and/or oats.

What I I tried was the first package mention above. I must say that it trully helped me on my detox and diet wellness which by the way I'm trying to push through. Healthy living is very vital. As early as possible, we must see to it that we get to be fit and healthy. 
And this programme will definitely take you there.
Not only that it taste well, it also gives us the assurance that we do the right thing when it comes to health and wellness awareness.

For the past 3 days I have experienced this wonder, It felt like I was rejuvenated. My digestion was perfect, and the feeling of bloatedness was completely gone. Just for 3 days and I have to testify that it really does work! With continuous consumption and with the right diet and exercise, 
In time, I will get that flat belly I'm aiming for! teehee!

For more details about MASON JARS AND BEYOND, follow them on instagram @masonjarsandbeyond and discover a whole new perception 
about health, detox, getting fit and taking care of your body.

"Have a healthy life! This is the best way to show your love for thyself and for everyone."

xx,mommy jaq


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