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Monday, August 18, 2014

Every girl's best friend are tools that can make our "doll up sesh" an easier and convenient way to apply make up.. For our post today, we will be featuring and reviewing some products from THE AINSTASHOP which will truly help us girls to be fab and glam in a fun and easy way! So here it goes..

First, is the eyebrow shave guide. Are you having a hard time making those bushy eyebrows to achieve that perfect arch? Well, here is the answer! 
This product will definitely make it easier for you. As you can see, the product is laid flat at the center of  Pauline's nose line which gave it the perfect balance for her eyebrows. The hair that exceeds in the blue mark area are the ones to be removed by plucking or shaving,which ever is that you are convenient with.

Second, is the bangs holder. This product keeps your hair away from your face when you apply make up or when you wash it. It is very convenient because it easily grips into your hair and when it is removed, your hair will still be in that ideal shape. 

Third is the Etude stencil brow class. This product will help your brows achieve different kinds of archs and styles,which ever is best for your facial feature. The eyebrow card serves as a guide that will make your eye brows enhanced.

The fourth one is the falsies applicator,this is my personal fave, I have used it several times and it is very useful and convenient! For so long,been applying my falsies with my bare hands,and what happens is that the glue sticks into my fingers and ended up a total disaster. But with this product,that dilemma is completely solved! Scroll down below for photos on how to use it.

And voala! Here is the finish product of me using two of the products. Hope you enjoyed our mini tutorial on beauty tools! 
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Thank you again for visiting my humble blog. Till next! Toodles! :)

xx,mommy jaq

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