Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The only thing that can make us relieved from all of the everyday stress is to unbend or relax.
I know I have been making kuwentos about stress and not so good stories lately. It is just that It's how I feel right now. 
Though life is wonderful,sometimes it has it's fall backs.

It's hard for me to stop worrying,yeah,I'm a confessed worry wart. I always think of things that are sometimes unlikely to be thought of. I'm a geek in worrying..geesh, but you know what? I'm trying to get it off my system. I know this is not going to be nice or rather healthy. So I take one day at a time.

top: glitzyglamshop | skirt: people are people | bag: AK collections | slippers: birkenstock | watch: ice watch

Got to wear this comfortable ootd for a meeting at the mall. The day before it was a kinda stressful one that's why I had to wear something that I can breathe in. Get what I mean? haha I don't want to be all dolled up that day,so here's what I managed to come up with.. Sported a fab top from GLITZYGLAMSHOP.
It's pretty in style and it's color white which invited the feeling of peace. I adore how the material is ideal for on the go outfiteys! Wore slippers,yeah!
what can be more comfortable than slippers. My birks has been with me for a while now,and I'm glad it's coming back to the fashion band wagon.
More slipper ootds for me! woootttt!

Oh well,I guess I have to take it easy on life right now. It's hard,but I have to do it.. Everyday is a struggle,but not everyday is a battle. 
Sometimes, it's a good and bright day after all!

"It's a matter of choosing between being happy or being miserable."

xx,mommy jaq

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