tatt awards 2014 celebrates greatness in social media

Friday, July 4, 2014

Last July 1,2014 was the grand launch of the much awaited Tatt awards 2014. Celebrated with the well-known media people and celebrities. Known for its strong on making a mark in the world, Globe Telecoms broadband tattoo has continued to offer the best product portfolios and top notch servics that arms every customer to do just that. From blazing speeds to realibity in connection,each customer now equipped with the righ tool,is able to conquer their own social media space,with some event taking it further.

As Tatt Awards reaches it's 4th installment, The unexpected becomes undefeated. Being the foremost award giving body in socialmedia,
Tatt Awards 2014 will recgonize the masters if reinvention.

At the event,we were served by these delicious yummy delicacies from Bizu.

The event was an interesting one coz we get to nominate our bet for the awards night. Here I'm voting mine! 
Ssshh It's a big secret who I voted. Can you guess who it is?

After the dinner,the socializing,pictorials and chitchat,it was followed by a movie screening entitled Channeling.
It's a movie where in it was showed what would be social media would be most likely in the future. It's a good movie. 
Though it is kinda scary because social media influence takes a big toll on us. 

And then the Tatt council was introduced by the lovely host Ms. Bianca Valerio. 
The present ones where Ms. Bianca Gonzales, Ms.Pie Alvarez,Mr.Dong Ronquillo and Ms. Stacey de Jesus.

The list of the Tatt council:

Ms. Pie Alvarez
Ms. Bianca Consunji
Ms. Stacey de Jesus
Ms. Bianca Gonzales
Mr. Erik Matti
Mr. Jim Paredes
Mr. James Reid
Ms. Mika Aereen Reyes
Mr. Dong Ronquillo

Ms. Pie Alvarez

Ms. Bianca Gonzales

Mr. Dong Ronquillo

The Following award categories are also presented during the launch.

Here are the following categories for the Tatt awards 2014:

The One: This recognizes the masters of reinvention who not only adapted to new media,but succeeded in it as well.
Trending Twitter Phenomenon of the Year: The most influential trendsetter on twitter that moved people either with humor,opinion or witty one liners.
You Tube Phenomenon of the Year: Moving pictures do not just speak a thousand words,they speak millions. This award is given to the most influential video maker (group or individual)
Instagram Phenomenon of the Year: This award is for that person or group that harnessed a community of instagram followers and likers to appreciate his very own art gallery of images online.
Best Social Media Movement Award: This award goes to social media account owner or group who launched an online movement.
Best Digital Music Artist Presented by Spotify: This is for musical bands and indie artists who fought hard to claim their space in the hearts of the Filipino web audience.
Best Style Blog/Micro Blog Award: This is for that one person that not only reviewed fashion on his blog and/or microblog but also set trends that everyone followed.
Best Fitness Blog/Micro Blog Award: For the one that has a passion for health,fitness and sports that is also served as an influential tool
for social audiences.
Best Tech Blog/Micro Blog award: In tuned with the latest tech,this person does not only present us with access to the latest gadget trends,but also the backstage of the fast paces world of technology.
Best Podcast Award: Always ready to talk about the latest topics,relevant to their field,this group/person not only presents us the latest trends and ideas but also shares opinions that makes us think and engaged.
Best Lifestyle Blog/Micro Blog Award: Is that blogger that have a good reputation in the sphere of food,travel,photography and blogging.

Tatt awards nomination is now ongoing from June 30-Juy 13,2014
Voting  will be open from July 15-Aug 3,2014
Then the award giving will be on Aug 8,2014.

For further details about TATT AWARDS 2014,powered by Globe,
tune in to:

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