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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Took a 2 day break on writing. But gadd,so sorry anxiety really sets in. I wanted to write and blog everyday! 
My eagerness to express myself through my fashion diary is an everyday routine already. My mom told me that it's okay and it's healthy that I can get to express my feelings and ideas through blogging. Every ootd has it's story to tell. 

And so here I am blogging and showing you who the real "Jaqui" is. As for the look for today, I wore a cute sunflower top which is by the way, my fave print now a days. Paired it with a highwaist joni pants from THE SWEET CLOTH. I must say that I'm impressed on how the material snugs right to fit in your hips. Plus the bonus part is that it is highwaist! No worries for my "mommy tummy" hihi. This piece is also available in several styles and designs.

top/earrings: forever 21 | joni jeans: the sweet cloth | bag: affordable bags | sneakers: city sneaks

Oh how this bag is all so handy. You know bags that are too heavy? Not this one! the leather is soft and light. It is also spacious and perf as your everyday bag! This is courtesy of AFFORDABLE BAGS. They offer a wide variety of stylish yet affordable bags. Add them on facebook to know more. :)

How do you like the look so far? I want to know! Feel free to comment down. :) Thanks again for taking time on visiting my humble blog. 
By the way, I will be writing about some fashion and wellness tips soon! Hope I can catch you there!

"Folks might judge you but it's how you deal with them on different stokes."

xx,mommy jaq

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