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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello there! Here we are again for Pauline's ootd. Lately, I have been receiving emails that readers wanted more of her ootd posts. haha 
I think she will dominate my blog na! Anyhoo,it's totally fine with me. And I'm proud of it!

Moving on,she wore this for our summer trip at Pico de loro. It was a 2-3 hours ride from Manila that is why we wanted to achieve again and again comfort and style. Her top is courtesy of X4CLUSIVE. It's perfect for the comfy breezy ootd!

top: x4clusive | shorts: shana | sneakers: vans | cap: sm accessories

And yeah,she is a sucker for skating. At first,I was afraid to let her do it because it's dangerous. But my being a worry wart mother will not let my child grow. A note to all mothers out there,just let your kid be. Explore and let them discover who they really are. But always be there to guide them.
Be their mentor but at the same time,don't make them feel pressured to be the best child for you. Be happy with their achievements. Appreciate them, as for their failures,let is pass and remind your child that there is always a lesson learned. Tomorrow,the sun will shine again. A new hope.a new dream to fulfill. 

"no matter how small things might be for you,It's how you cherish and treasure it."

xx,mommy jaq

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