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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi! How are you? Today is a holiday and I'm sure most of you guys are excited about it!
As for me and Pauline, we will spent it doing some business errands.

My daughter and her boyfie is into the online shop biz. They have an instagram account called PNMINC. 
They cater items that are up to the trend! :) Follow them and learn more about it!
On that note, we are heading out today to meet our sewer to canvass whether they can make fabulous pieces! Wish us luck! :)

The accessory pieces for this ootd says it all! The necklace is so adorbs! This is from DAINTYCRAFT. They make personalized items that you will surely love! The gorg bag, oh how it is spacious and stylish! It can be sported into 3 bags! Amazing right?! This is from SHOP4SEASONS
Goodnews ladies! They are on sale! Go grab your chic bag now! :)

top: ripples | shorts: forever 21 | bag: shop4seasons | personalized necklace: dainty craft | sneakers: Sm dept.store | hat: cotton on

As for my ootd, wore a comfy and laid back outfit with a dose of style! The top is courtesy of RIPPLES. The print and material is fabulous! 
It is also available in many designs! Follow them and see for yourself! The good thing about it that it is super affordable! :) Thanks Ms. Jenny for this.

Sometimes, I can't help but wonder where our future might be. But I know that in God's will, everything will fall into the right places at the perfect time.

"Smile though it seems hard, this will take away all sadness and negativity."

xx,mommy jaq

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