Monday, July 7, 2014

What is fashion blogging for you? Is it the fab and glam accompanied with it? Is it the perks you get from sponsors? 
Or is is just a medium for you to be popular? 

If you ask me,it's not either one of those mentioned. Fashion blogging is sharing your passion for fashion to the public by writing it in your blog or fashion diary. It is a documentary or compilation of all of your outfits,looks and how did you styled it. Somehow,through that documentation,readers will be inspired and learn ideas on how to make one's style gorg.

Now,maybe you are all asking why the sudden topic about fashion blogging? Well,It's just that I had some encounters for the past few weeks that touched the topic-the true meaning of blogging.Blogging is a combination of love and passion. Dedication and patience must be always at present when it comes to one. It doesn't matter whether thousands of readers do visit your blog,or you have fans,It's the inner satisfaction that is important. Writing about what you love most is more than the tons of fans you will have,having it is just a bonus. Because yeah,who doesn't want fans right? wink* :)

top: ripples | skirt: rosewholesale | necklace: wearmauve | sandals: topshop

As for the look of the day,wore the classic Julia top from RIPPLES BY JENNY. Its so awesome I'm thinking to have all the colors! What you think? cool right? Accented with the statement necklace from WEAR MAUVE totally made the ootd a bomb!

You might be thinking of making your own blog,If I may suggest that you go for it! Do and write about what you love.
Enjoy every minute of it and soon all is going to be a huge success! 

"Do whatever your heart is leading you,because it tells about your happiness."

xx,mommy jaq

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