Lucky tea turns two! sip into a bubble tea like no other!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I have been a fan of milk teas for quite some time now. I have tried several of it but I must say that LUCKY TEA is one of a kind!

Aside from their wide variety of flavors and selections, they cater food and drinks that they only have! Have you heard of an alcohol infused milk tea?
 Yep! you read it right! Milk tea with alcohol like vodka,bacardi etc, Now,that's a whole lot of a new thing for milk tea lovers like me! 

The one I tried is the rocksalt and cheese in winter melon. It's so yummy! The creaminess just sits right into my taste buds! This is a  must try.
 Pair it with a hearty snack like this delicious chicken chops spell out satisfaction!

Ooohh! Snacks and a whole bunch of it! Must trys in LUCKY TEA is the egg tea,which by the way my first time to try it, and its so good!
 And ofcourse, mushroom meatballs,twister fries and potato wedges together with their yummy dips are superb!

Milk tea houses are places where we usually chill and relax over a glass of satisfying tea. So the interior and ambiance has to be one of the things we consider. As for Lucky Tea's place,I'm impressed by it, It's so cozy and comfy. The lights,are on the right dim. Not to bright and not too dark. The interior design is also inviting for relaxation. The couches and tables are also comfortable where in you can lodge in for several hours of pure tranquility.

And here we all are! Just enjoying ourselves in LUCKY TEA

By the way guys,they are celebrating their second anniversary! In line with this, they are hosting an ongoing promo where in in every php 100 purchase, you can get your luck by winning these cool prizes! You can get to check the mechanics HERE.

Truly having the best time with my girl friend Rhea! We can stay here and just chit chat for hours! The second floor of  the establishment is made for this intimate gatherings and such! Parties are also held here! That's so awesome right!?

Every day is our lucky day with LUCKY TEA!
 Come and visit them at: 749 Banawe St, Quezon City.
One more best thing about them is they deliver! call their deliver hotline at: 410048
Visit and subscribe on their website at:

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