Thursday, July 24, 2014

Have you ever felt that you are getting weak, easily gets sick and worst,getting fat? Well I always feel that! That is why I wanted to have some life changing habits on how the way I eat and treat my body. Mine is not a perfect one, but somehow, I hope this post will give you ideas on how to stay fit and healthy without taking any medicines or doing any harmful strategies in order to get the body we want! Here are some of my own techniques which I do everyday.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. This combination is the key to a healthy meal. As we all know that fruits and vegetables contains lots of vitamins and supplements that will help our body to be nourished and healthy. My personal favorite is watermelon and pineapple. Not only that when I eat it, I already feel full to the stomach,and I won't be craving for more. It also contains anti oxidants that will prevent us from getting ill. 
As for the veggies, Go for the ones that have color, red and green leafy vegetables are the best!

We need a source of protein in our daily diet. The best ones are fish,egg and chicken. Try not to eat those are deep fried. Stay away from those! 
Prefer eating dishes that are roasted,steamed or boiled. But If you have to fry it, use olive oil. But you can only eat your source of proteins on a small quantity. For example, 1 egg per day, just choose the meal that you will be best be having it. As for me, I eat it during lunch. Then at dinner, 1/4 chicken breast will be fine. When cooking your meals,It is also best that you don't use large amt of salt and vetsin often because this are also harmful to our body. 
As much as possible, stay all natural.

Personally, I don't eat rice. Because it contains high amount of sugar. But If I have to, I prefer brown rice because it contains small amount of sugar and it is high in fiber which is good in our digestion. But if you can't help not to eat rice,try having 1/2 cup on one meal,per day. Wheat bread is what I always eat in my meals. One slice per meal will be perfect. This is also a high source of fiber which like I said, tummy friendly! 

For the drinks,freshly made fruit drinks are okay as long as it has no sugar. But to be safe,just stick to water. It's refreshing and healthy too!

And now we go to our exercise.I do this routine every other day.
First one is the leg lifting. I do 30 counts of it repeated 3 times. This is good in our belly area and thighs.


Second is the situps. I do this 30 counts of it then repeated 3 times.

Third one is crunches, this form of exercise is best for our abs! Aiming for a flat tummy?
 Do 30 counts of it then repeat it 3 times every routine. 

My last dose of exercise is squatting. This is ideal for our thighs,buttocks and legs. It will make it firm and strong.
Do this in 30 counts repeated 3 times.

These are just some of my daily diet and exercise techniques that I do to stay fit. Just remember to eat healthy foods. 
Stay away from junk foods, food that are high in sugar, and sodas.
The exercise routine I mentioned will also help us be fit and boost our endurance.If you have time and money to enroll to a gym,then much better. 
But as for me,I'm too lazy to go, I prefer doing my excercise at the comfort of my own home. I hope this tips will help and give you guys ideas on how to live a happy life and live healthy. Just always put in mind that motivation,patience and discipline are the soul keys in achieving your goals.

If you have any suggestions on what you want to be read on my blog,comments,reactions just feel to comment down below.
 I will be glad to hear from you! :)

Again,thank you for visiting my humble blog. Goodluck on your diet and exercise! 
Let's do this girl! Work it! wink*

xx,mommy jaq

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