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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The word lift is very empowering for me. It signifies inspiration and positivity.

We all need it right now. Good vibes and upfliftment. I believe that this is an important tool inorder for us to be inspired to be ourselves and be practical. Why practical? Hey, let us be realistic. We live in a world full of uncertainties. I always nag on my blog that we should be thankful on what we have. 
There are people that are not blessed as we are. Realizing this can make us feel lifted up.

top: the lush closet | shorts: bottomline co. | hat: cotton on | sneakers: payless 

My addiction to plaid will never fade! Wow! It rhymed! anyhoo,eversince, I adore this print that is why I'm equally inlove with my plaid top 
from THE LUSH CLOSET. The cut and design is up to the trend as well. The look was aimed to be on a chic casual peg. 
That is why I opted to sport the comfy sneaks! Did I nailed it? I hope so! Teeehhee!

By the way guys,I will be having an upcoming bazaar this weekend. BFAS 7 is happening on July 12-13,2014 11 to 9 pm at Eton Centris. 
I will be selling alot of my stuffs there! I'm also giving away 10 free tickets! Click in the giveaway tab for more deets! Hope to see you there!

"I'm strong, I can do it. I can lift up."

xx,mommy jaq

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