There's no place like New York!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New York is a place that I always dream to go to. It's the fashion central all over the world! 
Gaddd! I'd love to go there!! 

But that's all a dream for now,hihi ofcourse,I have to prioritize things and one of that is to make my daughter finish her studies 
with flying colors and she grows up to be a good person.That's is my greatest dream.

As for the look of the day,Donned something flashy and unique! Played around with many colors,prints and texture. 
The top is from FASHION INFINITY paired it with a sequined shorts from Forever 21 rocked the ootd!  
This is available in various prints and designs which are all so cool! Thanks Ms. Rhona for this! 

Oh-em-gee! The ever famous tata fringe bag from FASHION CRAVINGS. Ever since,me and my daughter adored this bag! 
It's so light and stylish! Actually, it's beginning to be one of our faves! It can definitely transform a simple ootd into a rockin fabulous one! 
Plus it's so light that is why it is very convenient to bring it anywhere and everywhere! Thank you Ms. Paula!! :)) Stay pretty and adorbs!!

top: fashion infinity | shorts and heels: forever 21 | shades: nava shop | bag: fashion cravings

The outfit makes me feel vibrant! Maybe because of the ooompph! :))

 I love how the wind blows my hair in these shots,I hope It looks good on me. :)

"Think positive,it gives us the inspiration!"

xx,mommy jaq

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