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Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a good day to start something new to try. Today, I have decided to make my life healthier.
I have realized that I'm not getting any younger,so for this week, I wanted to go serious with working out at the gym,eating healthy and such..

Not only because I have observed that I'm gaining weight,it is also because of my health condition,
My blood pressure turned out to be high due to high levels of cholesterol. It alarmed me and made me think twice on my diet and way of living.

top: ripples | jeans: vaintage shoppe | heels: tres shoes ph

Wore an outfit that is of a different note for me. It's kinda of a urban chic theme. The fringe tassles of the top made it look more boho.
This is courtesy of  RIPPLES. The color and texture is shimmer gold. It looked so classy!

Pair with a high waist tattered jeans from VAINTAGE SHOPPE. Made it more hippie and chic. I adored how it turned out!
For the footwear,TRES SHOES PH clogs are such darlings. They are so comfortable to wear! The leather is so soft that is why your feet will surely be on a comfort zone.Thank you guys for this pair! It's a total must have! :)

I hope I can make my new goal an achievement, wish me luck! :)
I will keep on track on my weight,as of now,I'm 108 lbs,I hope after 2 weeks,I will be 100 lbs! Let's do thiz! haha lol

"Don't give up,get up and do the most of what you can."

xx,mommy jaq

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