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Thursday, June 19, 2014

And so I'm excited to post something like this because today, I will be planning on doing a different segment on my blog.
It will be tackling all the beauty secrets that can help us be beautiful inside and out!

My blog has been tackling about fashion and ootds and the like. I'm happy about the turn abouts of my blog but I wanted to make an improvement for my dear readers and that's you! hihi I'm going to open a segment where in I will be sharing tips and secrets about fashion and beauty regimen.
Like stuffs that can make you look young,vibrant,fairer and fashionable! I can't contain my excitement! I hope you will like and support it guys! :)

top: reetail frenzy | skirt: the sweet cloth | heels: thrifted | sunnies: forever 21 | necklace: fashion spice manila

The plain chain necklace from FASHION SPICE MANILA made the look more interesting. 
The details of it charmed the whole look! I must say that this piece is a verstatile one. You can match it with different kinds of ootds! I love it!
Thank you Ms. Donna for this!

The top from REETAIL FRENZY is an upcoming fashion trend. The loose kind of top is a must have for all those fashionistas out there!
You will be seeing a lot of ensembles like this in the future.. Grab and own one yours too!! :)

And ofcourse,who will not love watermelons on your skirt! This is pure love from THE SWEET CLOTH. It has a lining that serves as your undies
because it is shorts like. You can move around without feeling uncomfortable and all.

"Do everything and never give up,look back and see how far you have become."

xx,mommy jaq

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