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Friday, June 20, 2014

This could be a start of the new segment I have mentioned few days back.. It is called STYLE COACH. From time to time, I will be featuring tips and ideas about fashion,beauty and the like.Today I will be tackling on how to donn a simple and fuzz free ootd without looking like you just got out of the bed..hehe yah know what I mean? :)

This look is the exact one. A fuzz free and comfy ensemble. The tip for this look is how you manage to accessorize it.
As you can see I'm wearing a loose top and shorts. The top is courtesy of ZOES CLOSET. The material is breezy and comfortable as well,
it's perf for the on the go days. 

Accessorize if with a floppy hat or if you have statement necklaces or bangles that's also a sure win to go! Apply a little amount of make up just to cover all those unwanted marks. Use a concealer or bb cream to hide it.. Will do a post again about it soon! 

top: zoe's closet | shorts/hat: forever 21 | lydia slip ons: solefulbycez

Back for our lesson for today haha lessons talaga? Oh yez, the comfortable and fuzz free ootd.. As for the footwear,be sure to wear comfy yet stylish ones.
For this style,sported the Lydia slip ons from SOLEFULBYCEZ. This is a classic and perfect example of style and comfort rolled into one.
It's color is gold which made it more glamorous.

Sunnies are also a classic accessory for a worry free ootd. Want to know why? It is because you can get to hide your make up free eyes which means:
eye bags everywhere! Wear sunglasses and your'e good to go!

Not all the time we are in the mood to go "all dolled up" So for this post,suggested a few tips on how to be comfy yet stylish on your look!
The ootd turned out to be a fab and comfy one right? I hope I nailed it! :)
To know more about the tips and ideas that we will be girl-talking, just click the STYLE COACH tab at the upper part of this blog.
Now,you can get to retrieve all our kuwentos about fashion,beauty and all that girl thingys! :)

I hope you learned something on my post for today.. 
See you on my next dose of  Style Coaching. :)

"Beauty is how you look at life. Chill and always smile."

xx,mommy jaq

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