style origin;an eye for style conquers fairview terraces mall

Monday, June 30, 2014

Style Origin,an eye for style. Conquered the FAIRVIEW TERRACES MALL which has recently opened at the heart of Quezon City. In line with this, a fashion show was held last June 28,2014 where in upcoming styles and trends for the Men Collection were fore casted. I will be taking you to that in a bit,but first,let me share to you the awesome experience me and my daughter Pauline had at the mall. Before the fashion show event took place, as one of the bloggers,we had the privilege to have a shopping tour where in we visited some of the stores around Fairview Terraces.

First stop, we visited BLUED. They offer a variety of ensembles that caters the up to the beat street style.
This includes stripes,blues and nautical themed ensembles.

With my co bloggers: Sarah,Elaine,Kat,Ruth and my daughter blogger Pauline!

Next is LAY BARE waxing salon. Their services are all so affordable! We had the chance to check out on it and it was awesome!

JESSE MENDEZ Salon gave us a tour on their place which invited the feeling of tranquility while you are having your make over done. So cool!

My fave store! JAPAN HOME CENTRE the items at this store are incredible and affordable! 
Would you believe that it costs only php 80? haha I love to go shopping here again!

So who loves parties? Yes! We all do love it! CELEBRATIONS PARTY CENTRAL is the place to be! They cater all sorts of parties! So to all of your party needs,from confettis, balloons,prizes,etc. This is the place to be! well, a happy place to be! :) 

For a more dainty themed store,let's visit EGG. I love how girly this store is! Florals and pastels everywhere!  Me and Pauline loved it!

THE GO SHOP is a store which offers all your travel essentials. 
Bags, accessories of all sorts just name it,they have it! 

NAUTICA is a shop for the cool buds! I adore their designs and the quality of their items.
I must say,a purchase from them is a total best buy!

HEAD WAY VERA  SALON, a total stop for a hair fix.
Treat your hair with professional hands at Head way.

Pauline's fave store! The Vanity Box. All sorts of accessories and it's affordy!
We enjoyed checking out those dog tags which are by the way so into the trend specially to the teenagers!

And now,we are off to the main event, 

Focusing on the details the subtleties of colors,The boldness of structure,the lines,the cuts, and the texture.. That is having an eye for style.

Mad for monochrome. Go for an understated pairing of black and white. A vest complimented the whole look for a more classy and subtle theme.

Turn heads in sleek silhuottes and unlikely pairings for a refined yet youthful impression.
The Men's collection did made a break through in fashion by this looks.

Exude some elegance in a woolen fabric but keep it updated with modern details that will surely rock the outfit.

And that's about it for the fashion show,they gave the MENS COLLECTION of Style Origin a whole new hemisphere in fashion.. 
Now to end the event,it was highlighted by a performance by none other than Mr. ENCHONG DEE. And the crowd went wild! 

He is a total knock out!  

To wrap it up,the event was a total success! We enjoyed it from the first hour up until the end of it!
Two thumbs up for the STYLE ORIGIN and FAIRVIEW TERRACES team!
It's an honor to be a part of a successful event,thank you for having us! Cheers!

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