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Friday, June 13, 2014

     Today,woke up full of hopes and dreams to fulfill. Been on my sick bed for almost a week now,and I hope things will get better soon.

It's tough when you age, your resistance for pain,your recovery changes. That is why I always tell my daughter to take care of herself and don't abuse her youth because there will come a time that all will get it's toll back. Get enough sleep,don't smoke.don't drink and eat healthy.
Coz I admit,when I was young, I didn't do any of those..

dress: pink boudoir | sandals: fashion paranoia | bodychain: forever 21

Moving forward to what I wore at the recent Superb bazaar, I had a wedding to attend to that afternoon as well,so my outfit was a bit on a formal note.
Wore a gorgeous goddess dress from PINK BOUDIOR. It's so lovely I can't explain it. It's just pure magical! Like I'm in a fairy tale! The material is sheer flowy which invited the feeling of a goddess. Then the color is white which is on a formal theme. accessorized with a gold bodychain to give it an oomph.

For long and hectic days,be sure to wear the comfiest footwear you can get. What I wore is from FASHION PARANIOA.
It''s simply elegant and comfortable. This is also available in color purple! Go ahead and check them out HERE.

For my hair do,luckily, I bumped in to my co blogger friends Yuki and Anna which recommended me the booth of BLOHEARTSASIA.
They also have their blitz at the Superb Bazaar. They were on their promo, I got my hair done just right in time for the wedding! Big thanks guys! wooot! :)

Treasuring little things about life can always make wonders. Waking up each morning is a blessing, having food on our table is also one..
Count them,you can surely get happiness through it.

"Life is amazing,it's just how you look at it."

xx,mommy jaq

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