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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whenever I feel the sudden breeze of air,it's lush on my skin..

The weather is beginning to be cool coz the rainy season is already here. 
Though at noon is still humid and hot that is why an ootd like this is perfect! 

The black flowy top is courtesy of THE LUSH CLOSET. I named this blogpost after it. For the reason that I felt the lush on this outfit.
 I felt great and happy wearing it! The material is light and comfortable plus it is very stylish. Not to mention it is color black,
you can never go wrong with black! Thank you loves for this top! I adore it! :)

Then I paired the top with a floral origami skorts from BELLEVOUS that made it even more fab! It gave the look the uniqueness and statement we are nailing for! I would like to thank you again Ms.Bhim for the endless trust to me and my humble blog. More power to your endeavors! :)

top: the lush closet | skorts: bellevous | sneakers: cotton on | personalized necklace: fashion spice manila

Nyaww.. this necklace is such a cutey. It has my name on it! So sweet of you Ms. Donna of
 FASHION SPICE MANILA for giving me this. 
I truly appreciate it. luv yah baby girl! :)

"all things are inevitibale,but change."

xx,mommy jaq

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