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Thursday, June 12, 2014

This is quite a different post of an ootd. Apparently,this was all so spontaneous..

This is what I wore at the recently concluded Trend setters bazaar. As I have mentioned,this was all so sudden for the reason that I just wore what I could find inside my closet which is peculiar for me. Usually,I prepare my outfit a day before my "ganaps"
but for this one,I just picked the best and comfiest one I could sport.

And at the bazaar,my nice sponsor COTTON CANDY ONLINE, approached me and gave me this wonderful headpiece which matched my ootd.
Then voala! a fab ootd indeed! The red  ruby stones made it very gorgeous! Thank you love for this!

rompers: topshop | headpiece: cottoncandy online | heels: thrifted

And as for my story goes.. The ensemble looked  like I'm a lost vampire. Thirsty for blood.
The blood that gives strength and power to overcome insecurities and difficulties.

That is what life's really about right?  We accept and fight our weaknesses. And begin with a whole new you.
Like a new born vampire,not lost but ready to face the world full of challenges.

Maybe some of you might think that I'm beginning to sound like a whiner or a looser,but honestly speaking,this is what I really feel.
And through my style blog which serves as my diary,I jot down all my thoughts and feelings for me to share to the world. No body is perfect,
like I am and I wanted to spread the inspiration specially to those women out there that you can always express yourself through fashion.
Don't bother what anyone might think of you. Just go for it and give it a shot!

"Yes,we are afraid to fall,but what if you fly?"

xx,mommy jaq

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