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Sunday, June 15, 2014

And so it's Monday once again.. We all know how we feel about Mondays.. It's tiring,boring and pressuring.
Specially in times like this, we have an oh soo bed weather! uugghh

But being lazy can lead us to no where.. I must admit I'm one of those lazy lads that wants to sleep all day.

aztec coordinates: ripples | piper sandals: hue manila | necklace: mia casa

Making an ootd stand out can be achieved by wearing footwear something like this. The studded piper shoes from HUE MANILA is a must have for those on the go days and yet you need to be stylish! This is also available in awesome colors! Check their facebook page and discover more!

Aztec coordinates from RIPPLES is an edgy yet comfy ensemble to donn. Wore it with much confidence that its stylish and agreeable to wear!
Thanks Ms. Jenny for this pair,would love to sport it in different ootds soon! Mix matching ootds are so much fun specially with aztec prints!

Being productive is a main priority for me right now. I need to get up,dress up and reach my dreams!

"What you plant is what you harvest. Plant good and everything will grow abundantly."

xx,mommy jaq

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