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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's time for Pauline's ootd! Was also thinking if I will be making a segment for her. 
Where in it can be convenient to read all about her posts. What yah think? I want to know guys! hihi!

top: zoes clothing | skorts: pure trendz | sneakers: dorothy perkins | eyewear: sissyshoppe | bracelets: dcg fashion

For her accessories,she wore the pretty bracelets from DCG FASHION. I can say that accessories is the secret to make an ootd make an impact! 
It makes it more interesting and unique. 

For her eyewear,its from SISSY SHOPPE. Yeah,unfortunately she has graded eye glasses already. She got it from me,I also wear eyeglasses and contact lenses.. But atleast her eyes can be corrected as early as now. We would like to thank Ms. Billy and Dr. Leo Cruz for her eyeglasses. It fits her well! 
You can get to have your eyeglasses with them HERE. Eyewear with style!

She is totally loving her ice cream top from ZOES CLOTHING. The material is also agreeable to our cool weather. It' soft and thick.. So cozy! 
The print is so cutey as well! Paired it with origami skorts from PURETRENDZ made it more fabulousoohh! Thank you Ms.Cez and Ms. Stephanie!

"Life is fun! So make the best out of it!"

xx,mommy jaq

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