Saturday, June 28, 2014

What does the word clueless mean for you? Is it the teenage movie Alicia Silverstone starred in? Or is it just that you are always unaware of what is going on with your life. Specially the events and people that surround you?

For me,it's both actually. I'm always clueless,about a certain situation,or how people treat me.
I don't judge people and so, I just trust them with all my heart. I don't think of bad thoughts so I can get cautious on what will I react to them..
It's just sad that because of my being clueless,I get offended,most of the time.

top,sunnies and slip ons: forever 21 | shorts: foxycherryshop | kimono: glitzyglamshop 

But this won't stop me from getting on with my life. As long as I'm not stepping on other's business and the like,I'm cool. If they don't like me for who I am, 
I will not change for them. This is just how the way it is. You can't please everyone,and that's a fact I learned. 
Just trust the Lord and everything will be okay.

If you can't fit in the world you want to live in, create your own world. 
This will make you feel free and happy. Peace and sanctuary is my haven.

As for the ensemble I wore, This is a typical fuzz free lay back ootd. Wore a kimono cape from GLITZYGLAMSHOP which is so gorg and into the trend.. :) 
Paired it with the chic shorts from FOXYCHERRY SHOP. The look was to aim the breezy feeling and somewhat encouraged peace and tranquility. 
I believe we achieve it right? :)

"Be truthful to yourself,good or bad, acceptance is the key to ones happiness."

xx,mommy jaq

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