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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fruits on our clothing is making a hit on the fashion band wagon lately.

One of them are cherrys! just like my dress right now.. This is courtesy of TRENDPHILE  The details is cutout and its accented with the embroidered cherry! It's so cute!! This is also available in color white! Check out TRENDPHILE on instagram and
visit them at their blitz at POSH MARK BOUTIQUE at Quezon City.

This pretty native textured bag is from GANGANDGLAMOUR. It's very light and classy. It's also spacious,ideal for those busy days where in you bring along all your work essentials like laptop,gadgets and such. This comes in handy. I adore it to bits!

dress: trendphile | bag: gangandglamour | hat: sm accessories | sandals: topshop

On a different note, been into a lot lately,and I'm just wondering how life would be.. I always think about my future,my daughter's future and what's in store for us. I can't help but think of it and worry about it. As you all know,I'm a single mom, I really don't have a steady job,and business is not doing very good lately..I just trust the Lord that what ever happens, It's his will and all will be okay.

But worrying and being anxious will not give me any good. 
I will just continue what I know what is best for  me and my daughter.

"everyday is full of blessings and surprises,we should always be ready and thankful for it."

xx,mommy jaq

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