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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I always think that having the best kind of life is the most important on this world we live in..
But for the past few days,I had some realizations on how we can be happy without having it all. And hey,we can't have it all,and that's a fact.

It's how we perceive each and every aspect of our lives,and that is the important thing. 
I always say that happiness is a choice. And everyday,there is something good that is happening or might happen. 
We must always focus on the good thing rather than the bad ones.

As for the look of the day,sported a lovely bow back top from THE SWEET CLOTH which by the way I adore! It's so pretty and it hid my big tummy yet emphasized my shoulders. I love the style and cut of this creation!

Paired with a plain denim shorts from CAMAEIU made it more fab yet relaxed. 
Wore this at my recent beach get away!

The gorg bracelets from MONOGRAMS MNL are darlings.They are made from high quality stones. Me and my daughter loved it so much specially the rosary bracelets made with our birth stones. These charms alway remind me of how the Lord always guide and bless us.

top: the sweet cloth | shorts: camaeiu | bracelets: monograms mnl | sandals: tophop

"No one can decide for us. We hold and lead our own lives."

xx,mommy jaq

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